Best Books About Buddhism

Best Books About Buddhism

More than just a religion, Buddhism has become a lifestyle that embraces a completely new way of living, thinking, behaving and acting. Originated in India before the middle ages, Buddhism is the reflection of Buddha teachings into daily life and the dharma (which is a kind of ‘virtues’ in the way of life, in order to maintain the order in the universe). It is the fourth larger religion along the world and it has over 500 million followers around it.

There exist many ways to approach to the Buddhism without perceiving it as a religion because it doesn’t has a god representative and its constructed by several practices more than series of prayers. There exist several styles, methods and different practices for Buddhism; however, the main goal consists in achieving the nirvana, the ultimate aspiration and the final escape of suffering through the cycle of death and rebirth that live being must go through.

Nowadays within a materialistic world, the essence and main philosophy of Buddhism might be found really appealing and relieving, because it assumes a personal experience, growth in faith, meditation and self-believing. There are several techniques and books to approach Buddhism; however, they are several books with a perspective for people to really understand the philosophy behind and take it to practice.


What the Buddha Taught by WalpolaRahula:

It is a classic book, perfect for beginners and perfect to answer basic questions about Buddhism.

Into the Heart of Life by Tenzin Palmo

In order to get a more practical perspective through the own experiences of the author, this book shows Tenzin Palmo teachings.

Being Peace by TichNhat Hanh

It guides you to reach an awakening and compassion perspective about the world. He teaches his key practices and tells his personal anecdotes.

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön

Specially written for challenging times in life, it guides people to develop love and kind toward themselves and their life through pain and fear.


Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by ChögyamTrungpa

It goes a step further to define basic problems of spiritual practices along with Buddhism. It is a great approach to cut off the physical materialism and embrace a spiritual kind of life.

There are many bibliographies regarding Buddhism for either beginners or advanced practitioners, which show different perspectives to the same approach on the Buddhism way of life and thinking. Toughs, examples, and exercises differ one from the other but with a main purpose of keeping a life of peace, love and compassion in each stage of life, whether they are good or bad times.

There is also several numbers of groups of discussion and meditation groups to engage and understand Buddhism’s philosophy, videos and conferences are made all over the world nowadays. Reading and taking a Buddhist style of life, goes further than just a religion or point of view about life, it demands constant practicing, knowledge achievement and practicing within all the areas in life, relationships, work and family.

Hello all! Buddhism is a religion that has numerous beliefs, traditions, rituals and different spiritual practices. The word ‘Buddha’ derives from ‘Buddhi’, which means ‘to wake up’. It had its beginning about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gautam was himself enlightened at the age of 35.All spiritual practices of this religion are mainly based on wisdom attribution to the lord Buddha.

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