Mexico and Colombia Tour

“People who never heard about The Buddha told us about feeling something they have never experienced before. They said this event gave them a new perspective for what they want for their lives.”
Aline & Luis Cárcamo, organizers of Puerto Vallarta event, Mexico, Feb 2012

The Mexico Tour began in Guadalajara at the beautiful Jalisco College where 3,500 visitors came to experience the blessings of the Relics. A boy came with his pet fish. A volunteer asked him what the fish was called. He replied that it had no name. The boy watched the Relic Tour DVD. Sometime afterwards, the volunteer approached the boy again and said “Did you think of a name for the fish yet? The boy said “Yes, I will call it “Lama Zopa”.

At the Puerto Vallarta event local boy scouts volunteered to help during the event. They took turns standing patiently at the buddha bath offering explaining about the Relics to each visitor. At the end of the event, the Tour team were offered honory toggles from the scout leader.

The Relic event in San Miguel De Allende, was set in a beautiful theatre, where the flooring and spot-lights created a dramatic backdrop for the Relic display. The opening of the event was attended by people of 9 different faiths with more than 300 people participating. Organiser Alejandro Negrete said:-

“It is very clear to me that the presence and guidance of the masters and the positive effort of the volunteers and everyone involved is what made the event the success that it was. In microcosm, it made me see that in order for us to move forward as a humanity, we need to learn to work together beyond our differences in order to create the enlightened world we desire.

The event in and of itself was truly miraculous. It was beautiful to see how people’s hearts were uplifted, transformed, and were momentarily able to contact, even if only tenuously, their innate Buddha Nature, so that they could be reminded of who they really are.”

Here is a link to the music offering at this event:-

The Relics then visited Colombia where they were displayed in Bogota, Cali and Barranquilla. All three events were a great success:-

Thanks for giving the opportunity to come to Sacred Relics to Bogotá…I would like to invite again and again them to Bogotá…if there is any chance for that please…they are welcome to Bogotá.”
- Olga Lucero Sierra Santos, organizer of Bogota event, Colombia 2012

The Relics returned to Mexico for a 10 day event at Museo Soumaya in Mexico City hosted by Casa Tibet. More than 6,000 visitors came to be blessed. Then in Querataro and Xalapa, more than 3,000 visitors came in each city to view the Relics.

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